DIY Tags With Recycled Paint Chips

I needed price tags for a craft show, but wanted to keep with the colours of my branding. And then I figured out a great way to DIY my own tags using recycled paint chips!

DIY gift or price tags in three different sizes using recycled paint chips

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DIY price or gift tags

I had saved all the paint chips I had gathered when I was redecorating, and found the perfect ones to recycle into tags! I needed three different sizes for my products – jewelry, purses and women’s clothing. What I found to make perfect tags was a punch from McGill.

The top of a tag punch tool with three different size tags

Here’s what the underside of the punch looks like:

The underside of a tag punch tool with three different size tags

I found that in order to center the paint chip to cut correctly, I had to do it with the punch upside down. That way I could see where the paper was going, and which size would be cut.

This cutter is great! You can get one by clicking here. And for around $20, it’s a bargain! I used the punch to make hundreds of tags for crafts shows.

To write on the tags, I used Sharpie Ultra Fine Markers

To make the holes for the gold thread, I used a hole punch that is older than I am. Click on this link for a newer version of the ancient 1/16″ punch I have.

Now I am going to recycle some other paint chips, and make tags for holiday gifts!

Here’s a different punch that is just one size tag, but the top hole is already incorporated into the design:

Where to find the supplies:

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