An Introduction to Urban Homesteading

Vegetable garden with large squash plants and wooden trellis for cucumbers and beans to climb on

Also known as backyard farming, small-scale homesteading, suburban homesteading, modern homesteading or city farming – urban homesteading is all about living a more sustainable lifestyle that practices going back to the basics of less consumption, less buying, less dependency on the supply chain, and more making – and sometimes, just making do. Urban homesteading means … Read more

Dehydrating Fresh Tomatoes & Basil

Slices of fresh tomatoes and fresh basil leaves on a rack in the dehydrator

Dehydrating fresh tomatoes and basil is a great way to preserve the harvest for use throughout the year. I like to do both at once, since my dehydrator has enough room, and the house smells amazing! Dehydrating fresh tomatoes and basil Tomatoes were companion planted with green basil, and they done producing for the season. … Read more

Zesty Zoodles

Zoodles (raw zucchini noodles) and other raw vegetables in a zesty sauce - zesty zoodles!

If you are looking for a quick, raw vegetable summertime lunch, you have got to try this zesty zoodles recipe. If you are not familiar with them, zoodles are “noodles” made from fresh zucchini – made with a special gadget called a spiralizer. Every summer, the garden produces tons (and tons) of zucchini. What I … Read more

Restoring a Vintage Sewing Machine

Restoring a vintage sewing machine

Did you ever see a vintage sewing machine at a flea market or thrift shop that made you stop in your tracks and want to take it home? You can see the beauty under all that dust and grime, but aren’t sure about what it will take to bring it back to its former glory.