Dehydrating Fresh Tomatoes & Basil

Fresh and dehydrated tomatoes

Ever wondered how to capture that intense summer flavor of basil and the rich sweetness of homegrown tomatoes all year round? Well, look no further! Dehydrating tomatoes and basil tusing a dehydrator is not just a way to preserve these flavors, but it’s frugal too. Dehydrating fresh tomatoes and basil is a great way to preserve the harvest for use throughout the year. I like to do both at once, since my dehydrator has enough room, and the house smells amazing!

Make a Shopping List and Save Money

A shopping list and grocery cart with groceries.

Ever find yourself aimlessly wandering the grocery store aisles, throwing items into your cart without a plan or purpose? It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and overspend on groceries you don’t really need. Or have you ever gone shopping, only to come home and find you already have what you just bought? Or that you really need something – after you get home from the store. And then have to run out again?

Let’s not do any of that anymore, okay? We’re going to plan ahead with a shopping list, because having a list is the key to save money and time! In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using a shopping list and I will provide you with a free template to get started.

Ultimate Guide to Saving Money on Groceries

Grocery cart filled with groceries. Click to read my ultimate guide to saving money on groceries

Various ways of saving money on groceries, including making a grocery list and sticking to it, comparing prices at different stores, buying in bulk, and purchasing seasonal produce. It also suggests taking advantage of sales and discounts, and planning meals around items that are on sale. Additionally, it recommends avoiding pre-packaged or convenience foods, which tend to be more expensive, and opting for generic or store-brand products.