How to Make an Easter Egg Wreath

Spring is almost here, and all the stores are filled with pretty wreaths and decorations for Easter.

I saw an Easter egg wreath similar to this in one of the big box craft stores selling for over $30.00! It looked very simple to make, and since I already had sphagnum moss and a straw wreath frame at home, I picked up some plastic eggs at the dollar store, and made this one for about $5.00.

It was so easy to make, and looks adorable on my back door!

How to make an Easter egg wreath with plastic eggs from the dollar store

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Supplies you will need

♥  straw wreath frame – the one I used is about 16″ across

♥  glue gun

 “normal” egg size plastic eggs – the amount depends on how large your frame is

 small plastic eggs – again, the amount depends on how large your frame is

 sphagnum moss  

  • The dollar store’s sphagnum moss is usually dried out, in millions of unusable pieces, and very difficult to work with. Get moss at the craft store or from Amazon.

How to make an Easter egg wreath


 On the back side of the frame, make a wire loop for hanging using a piece of medium gauge wire.

  • To do this, push the wire through a section of the straw, then twist the ends of the wire together to join the ends.
  • Pull the joined and twisted piece so it is embedded into the straw and is not visible or have the ends of the wire exposed, which will keep it from scratching your door or wall.
  • Make a loop by giving the wire another twist close to the straw, which will keep it secure.
  • Marking the wire loop with a little bit of ribbon makes it easier to find when you hang the wreath.

 Glue the larger eggs first. Work from the top and to the left first, having the eggs pointing to the bottom center, and then do the same on the right. If you are new to using a hot glue gun, keep a small bowl of cold water nearby for emergency finger dipping. You’ll thank me when you get molten glue on your fingers.

Placement of plastic Easter eggs on a straw wreath frame

 Fill in between with the small eggs after the frame is filled with the larger eggs. Be sure to glue some along the inner and outer frame as well.

 Use bits of the sphagnum moss and glue moss in between the eggs

  • then glue moss pieces along the inner part of the wreath, and
  • along the outside for a finished look.

 To finish the wreath, I made a bow from a light pink water-resistant florist grade #9 ribbon (1 1/4″ wide). The bow is attached to a 2″ wooden pick with wire, and pushed into the wreath frame. I dotted some hot glue on the tails of the ribbon, to attach them to the eggs at the base of the wreath. This will keep the ribbon from flying around in the wind.

 The magnetic hook I use on my metal door is up too high, so I attached a piece of yellow water-resistant florist grade #3 ribbon (1/2″ wide) to the wire loop on the frame to hang the wreath. This keeps the wreath at eye level.

If hung on a door that is exposed to the weather, the straw, moss and ribbon will get a little soggy, so it’s best to display the wreath in a protected spot.

Easter egg wreath made with plastic eggs from the dollar store
Easter basket made with real grass and a wooden train spelling out EASTER

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