How to Finish Seams

How to Finish Seams

Whether you are just learning how to sew or you have been making clothes for years, there is one dilemma that we all run into – how to finish seams. In this post, I am going to go into the different methods of seam finishing and tell you about what I believe to be the best and easiest way to finish seams on the clothes and accessories that you make.

How to Make T-Shirt Yarn

Pink and purple t-shirt yarn

Give new life to old T-shirts by turning them into T-shirt yarn! T-shirt yarn is durable, can be machine washed and dried, doesn’t shrink, and best of all – it’s FREE! So start saving those T-shirts and turn them into something gorgeous and useful like area rugs for the kitchen and bath.

Restoring a Vintage Sewing Machine

Restoring a vintage sewing machine

Did you ever see a vintage sewing machine at a flea market or thrift shop that made you stop in your tracks and want to take it home? You can see the beauty under all that dust and grime, but aren’t sure about what it will take to bring it back to its former glory.