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I’m Donna, and I’ve been on this DIY journey since I was 11 – that’s over five decades of learning by doing! For instance, I’ve designed and sewn my own clothes, accessories and home décor using reclaimed fabrics, conjured up really good (like, really really good) food from scratch, and ramped up my gardening by becoming a certified Master Gardener. I craft, knit, shop sales and flea markets, do my own landscaping, and also designed and did the finish work on my whole-house remodel – and more. And YOU can do it too!!

I’ve made my fair share of mistakes too – and I will share what I have learned so you don’t have to make the mistakes I did

At DoItYourselfSkills.com, it’s all about saving money while gaining some self-reliance. My tutorials, recipes, and tips are all hands-on, been-there-done-that advice. For example, I’ll guide you in turning budget-friendly ingredients into delicious meals. You’ll also uncover the secret of building a pantry stocked with versatile, inexpensive ingredients that form the basis of countless recipes.

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